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The Product

posted Jul 15, 2012, 5:48 PM by Anitha Kannan

The key output from this project will be the development of The Proteome Browser, a visualisation tool that will be a portal to the human proteome, with a genome-based approach for the organisation of the proteomics data.

The Proteome Browser is envisaged to be a portal to the human proteome for the global Genomic, Proteomic and Metabolomic research communities that will delineate the complex proteome in the context of the linear genome. It will provide an intuitive interface to interrogate and integrate, existing and emerging proteomics data. As a visualisation tool, it will enable comprehensive in-depth analysis and show proteins that are mapped in the context of the particular chromosome.

At the completion of this project; all documentation, reports, and presentations will be kept in Monash’s enterprise wiki, Confluence; and all software, including the installation guide and user guide will be kept in Google Code. Software materials will be licensed using GNU GPL v3. Non-software materials will be licensed using Creative Commons; however; the AusGOAL framework may be used, if it is deemed suitable for research use.

To promote the sustainability of the solution, it will be developed using the following principles:
  • Solution development will be led by the related research community
  • The research community (i.e. Proteomics Australia) will own the solution, and not the institution (Monash)
  • The solution will be developed in many simple components rather than a single large amorphous package
  • The solution will be designed and developed in a way that it is relatively easy to install at other research institutions
  • Researchers involved in the project will be encouraged to communicate the benefits of the solution to their community
  • Monash will endeavour to collaborate with other institutions on the development and deployment of components

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