Stakeholders and Collaborators

The Proteome Browser is an initiative of the Australia/New Zealand Chromosome 7 consortium of the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP). The main stakeholders and collaborators are listed below.

An important concept of this resource is that it is developed in close collaboration with the global proteomics community. We therefore encourage your involvement and input. To participate in this initiative or to provide suggestions/feedback please join the discussion group or email

Australian Stakeholders
Name Designation Organisation
Ian Smith Pro Vice-Chancellor Research & Research Infrastructure Monash University
Edouard Nice Director Monash Antibody Technologies Facility (MATF) Monash University
James Whisstock
Monash University
Andrew Gilbert General Manager Bioplatforms Australia
Mark Baker
Macquarie University
Bill Jordan Director, Centre for Biodiscovery Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Mark Molloy Director Australian Proteomics Analysis Facility (APAF)
Nicolle Packer
Macquarie University
Peter Hoffman Director Adelaide Proteomics Centre
Jeff Gorman Head of the Protein Discovery Centre
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Proteomics Australia
Richard Simpson

LaTrobe University
Tony Purcell
Head of Quantitative Proteomics Monash University
Tony Bacic
Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute, University of Melbourne
Metabolomics Australia
Sue Forrest

Australian Genome Research Facility
Genomics Australia
International Stakeholders
Name Designation Organisation
Bill Hancock Vice President of HUPO Executive Committee HUPO
Eric Deutsch

Senior Database Designer Institute for Systems Biology
Young-Ki Paik Chair of C-HPP, YPRC, Korea
Young Mok Park Chair of HUPO Brain Proteomics Project HBPP
Ronald Beavis Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics The Biomedical Research Centre
Amos Bairoch
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Trey Ideker
UC SanDiego