The Project Team


Robert Goode

Robert Goode work in the Proteomics Platform at Monash University as both a bioinformatician and mass spectrometrist. He has over 10 years experience working in the proteomics field, most recently in the Clinical Biomarker Discovery and Validation laboratory at Monash University and previously studying and working under Prof. Richard Simpson at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.
As a self-taught Java programmer, he is assisting the development team by liaising with the wider proteomics community and translating their needs into software design terms to aid the development of the browser.

PH: +61 3 99029505

ANDS Senior Business Analyst

Dr Jeff Christiansen

Dr Jeff Christiansen
Jeff Christiansen is a Senior Business Analyst at the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), and is responsible for liaison between ANDS and the development team at Monash.  Prior to his role at ANDS he was based in Edinburgh for 9 years as the Project Manager and Senior Curator of the EMAGE mouse gene expression database, and before this he conducted biological research for over 10 years - completing post-doctoral research into early brain development in London, and a PhD in Brisbane, Australia.

Jeff is responsible for liaison between ANDS and the development team on the AP32 - The Proteome Browser project.

Program Manager

Anitha Kannan

Anitha Kannan is the Program Manager at the Monash e-Research Centre. She is responsible for the planning and delivery of the software development projects undertaken by the Monash e-Research Centre. She joined Monash University in November 2011 and has been managing the delivery of multiple projects funded by the Australian National Data Service. Prior to this appointment, she has had a 15-year career in the Information Technology industry with experience in software development and project management in leading organisations like Infosys Technologies, Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments

Anitha is fulfilling the Scrum Master role and reporting on the AP32 - The Proteome Browser project.

PH: +61 3 99054670

Senior Software Developer

Simon Yu

Simon Yu is the Principle Software Developer at the Monash e-Research Centre. He is responsible for developing robust, user-friendly solutions for research communities. He joined Monash University in 2007 and has delivered solutions to the research community such as Archer, OzFlux and Interferome.

Simon is developing the end to end solution on the AP32 - The Proteome Browser project.

PH: +61 3 99020780